Canadian TAVI Leaders Hear About Heart Valve Voice Canada

April 25, 2018

More than 40 interventional cardiologists and cardiac surgeons were in Toronto on Monday, April 23 for the Canadian TAVI Implanters Meeting hosted by Edwards Lifesciences. There was representation from 23 out of the 28 TAVI centres across the country and the agenda was jampacked with research, updates, and insights from coast to coast, including an introduction to Heart Valve Voice Canada.

Our Board Chair, Dr. Charles Peniston, had an opportunity to give his peers an overview of Heart Valve Voice Canada and the success of our ongoing TAVI advocacy campaign in Ontario. He took the opportunity to share how our sister organizations in the UK and US have evolved and the lessons we’ve been able to learn from them, and how this is our time to lend a voice to Canadian patients affected by heart valve disease. He was joined at the event by fellow Heart Valve Voice Board members Dr. Olga Toleva and Dr. Benoit Daneault.

We were honoured to be able to attend the event. The day included presentations on the latest research around TAVI efficacy and extensive discussions about the challenges, solutions, and opportunities for the TAVI procedure in Canada. With patient demand increasing, wait lists growing, and evidence for the procedure mounting, it was clear that use of TAVI will only continue to grow and more Canadians will have the opportunity to benefit from this minimally-invasive alternative to traditional open heart surgery.

We’re continuing our efforts to support improved access to TAVI with our advocacy campaign in Ontario. More than 1300 Ontarians have already sent letters to their MPP and Minister of Health, and we invite you to join them and take a moment of support. You can also sign up for updates on the activities and initiatives we have planned nationally and in other provinces.

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